Ardtornish Day 2

A day of mixed blessings!
OK here's the low-down on day two. I'm sitting in the Estate Office's visitor centre at 7.30pm with a curry in the oven and a very hungry Allen waiting for his dinner. I'm also battling with a very slow upload so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all's OK with the website image updates. You can see today's efforts in the new Highland Winter gallery of my portfolio section.

Day two has been really good with the weather giving me some great atmospheric images this morning. The colours are really strong which is something that has surprised me. Usually the winter palate is quite drab 'down south'.

We've also been up to the first bothy to drop off a load of firewood and check all is in order. It's looking great up there so I can't wait to load up and scoot up there for the next two nights. I might get the chance to drop down and upload some more images but if not, check out Saturday evening to see what's new...